As a user of the air conditioner or air conditioner, we should more or less know the symptoms of damage to the components of your air conditioner. Wall Split AC or what we call Split AC, where AC is this money is most widely used by housing and offices has Small and medium-sized buildings. The damage that occurs in split AC was leaking Freon, can be characterized by the presence of snow on the top of the evaporator and piping installation 1/4 that connects the outdoor unit gets. In addition to a freon leak, there are more other damages.Check on the remote control, what the position is in a position operation mode cool? if not in the cool position, move the position of cool. Check on the remote control, what the position of the temperature setting is too high? If too high, the smallest decrease in temperature. Check the outdoor unit, whether to the power supply of the indoor unit? You can see what are the fan motors rotating the outdoor unit or not? If no spin is yet to get electricity from the indoor unit. When the air conditioner you have these signs, then you can directly call the aircon service.

Check the outdoor unit, what the pipes are small split as issued snow or ice? If issued a snow/ice means no split AC unit freon leak. Search for leaks, repair and return the contents of freon. Check the outdoor unit, with manifold pressure gauge and measure freon compressor amperage. Typical compressor amperage utility that you can see on the side of the indoor unit specification table. Freon pressure normal, if not leak freon in AC unit split is 75 psi (if the compressor can operate). However, if the compressor can not be operated when the refrigerant pressure is measured with the manifold is 150 psi. If the outdoor motor fan operates, but the compressor can not start means there is damage to the compressor.