Getting pulled over by the cops can be frightening sometimes. It will be even riskier if you’ve got the high level of alcohol within your blood stream. The cops might smell the alcohol on you, even though you may still be able to drive carefully. You need to find a way to prevent from being caught by the police when you’re drunk driving. It’s even more important for you to prevent this kind of incident in the first place. The finest Tampa DUI lawyers want to share with you some tricks to prevent the drunk driving.

First, make sure you’re not coming to the bar a lone. Going to the bar or to the club on your own can be risky, especially if you really love to drink a lot. Bringing a friend or two who’ve love to drink but they can still control themselves is necessary, if you wish to go home safely. Then, you may want to keep your car in the garage and take the public transport to go to the club. That way, there is zero chance for you to drive your own car during the drunk state.