Humans are not merely physical bodies consisting of bones, flesh, and blood. There is something that this physical body is soul / Spirit. With the soul, there is life in the body so that the physical body can move, breathe, eat, drink, breed. This is what is called a living being. If only moving and breeding humans are no different from animals, there are other things that make humans can be more advanced than any other living creature on earth is the mind. With his mind, human beings are advancing, creating technology, controlling the earth and even exploring into space. The man is a unified whole in the Physical Body, Mind, and Soul. Body – Mind – Spirit. These three things are related and affect each other, the health of the body is affected and affect the health of mind and soul. Likewise the opposite. These three things can not be separated and affect each other in human life. Emotional wounds occur at the level of Mind and Spirit, injuries that are not visible but can result in fatalities. You can rely on a simple activity like ayahuasca ceremony in peru that can treat or give therapy to your inner self.

With the disruption of inner health is automatically disrupted also physical health, with the emergence of physical illness without apparent cause such as a migraine, impaired thyroid function, gastritis/stomach acid, neurological diseases, cysts and even cancer. From the results of medical research, the symptoms of mental injury occur due to the lack of neurotransmitter chemicals in the brain and nervous systems such as acetylcholine, dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. With the administration of chemical drugs, replacement neurotransmitters naturally expected symptoms of inner wounds can be resolved. Western medical treatment is based on the philosophy that the human body is a mechanical machine that if there is a problem must also be handled mechanically, such as the administration of chemical drugs and surgery. Modern medical treatments do not succeed in providing solutions to illnesses due to internal injuries. The inner wound can not be treated with chemical drugs, chemotherapy, and surgery. Anti-depressant drug administration only suppresses the symptoms of an inner wound, but the wound that occurs in the inner remains is not healed. As a result, there is dependence on drugs that are getting bigger the dose. The presence of side effects on chemicals consumed continuously can result in the destruction of organs.