Most car crash incidents are not fatal and only cause losses in terms of vehicle cosmetics or engine damage to one or more cars license plate. Although fear or confusion may arise after the incident, remember that you are involved in a legal process. Complete the following necessary steps, whether you are in the wrong or not, to ensure good results.

Pull over to the side of the road
By avoiding traffic flow, you will reduce the risk of accidents and successive collisions. Make sure you pull your vehicle to a safe place when you and the other driver get out of the car.

Note the location pulled over the other car
If the car is not pulling over, try to see and remember the license plate number when you have stopped your vehicle on the side of the road. After that, you need to record the number plate of the car as soon as possible so that you will be able to remember it. The reason is because the license plate can help you find the driver behind the other wheel.

Turn on emergency lights (hazard lights)
It is also one of the important things to do as it will allow other drivers to know that you just have got a problem on the road.

Check the passengers and yourself if anyone is injured
You should report a wound to an emergency service center if paramedics need to be contacted.

Contact an emergency service center
If there are concerns about car damage due to this incident, the police will act as neutral parties and document the incident scene. If the other driver runs off, you can tell the license plate number when the police arrive.

Sometimes the accident incident is really small so the parties involved can skip this step and simply exchange the car insurance information. Consider this option only if both parties agree and if there is no risk of injury.